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Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is a simple and non invasive alternative to placing ceramic veneers on your teeth.  The process involves the application of a tooth coloured composite resin on the teeth to change the shape and colour in a single visit to give you an instant  beautiful smile.  

At Clearstone we use the most aesthetic and durable composite resins to restore your teeth as well as for making cosmetic improvements to your smile.  These tooth coloured materials can be used to replace unsightly/stained fillings, to close spaces, to make your teeth appear straighter and to give you a lighter and natural looking smile.
The procedure for placing composite resins onto your teeth is simple and can be carried out in a single visit.  If you would like to discuss how composite resins can be used to improve your smile please book a free cosmetic consultation and your Clearstone dentist will be happy to discuss all options with you. 
Composite Veneer
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