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Oral Hygiene Treatments

Our hygienists at Clearstone are experienced in evaluating your dental health and will ensure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned to remove any deposits of tartar that form above and below your gums.  These deposits that form over a period of time are generally responsible for gingivitis and for loss of the supporting bone so it is essential they are removed on a regular basis to prevent gum disease.


Each patient will have a tailored treatment plan and an appropriate hygiene recall appointment set according to the extent of any existing bone loss or periodontal problems to ensure good oral health going forward.

As well as giving your teeth a thorough clean, the hygienists will be able to give you oral hygiene advice to ensure your periodontal health can be maintained. In addition the hygienists will polish your teeth.  At Clearstone we use the original EMS Airflow for those patients with heavy staining to ensure your teeth are left sparkly clean.

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