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We understand when you have a dental emergency how important it is for you to be seen as soon as possible to resolve the emergency.  

We guarantee to make sure any one with a dental emergency can be seen within hours of contacting the practice during normal office hours.  For emergencies outside normal office hours please call the emergency contact number (07775946147) to speak directly with Dr Hasen who will make arrangements for you to be seen as soon as possible.

Examples of emergency treatment include:

  • Acute Dental Pain

  • Wisdom tooth pain and infections of the soft tissues around the wisdom teeth

  • Fractured teeth

  • Infections and swelling of the oral soft tissues and face

  • Sharp edges of teeth traumatising your oral soft tissues

  • Lost fillings, crowns and bridges

Dental Emergency Care in City Of London

Our experienced clinicians will be able to resolve any dental emergency quickly and painlessly for you without delay.  

For any emergencies please call the practice on 0800 368 8524 to arrange an urgent appointment.  

In the event that you need to be seen out of hours please contact our emergency telephone number and one of our on call dentists will be able to help.

Emergency Fees

Same day emergency consultation (during office hours), we only charge for the cost of any necessary treatment to resolve your dental emergency. The emergency assessment is charged at £85

For out of hours emergencies we charge a £275 emergency call out fee (paid at the time of booking) plus the cost of any emergency treatment that is necessary.  

Out of hours emergency treatment fees:

Antibiotics prescription £15

Opening and dressing and infected tooth to relieve pain £180

Extraction of a tooth from £220

Restoring a broken tooth from £180

Re-cementing a crown £120

Re-cementing a bridge from £180

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